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Upcoming New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji first look or rather say poster is out and will be released soon in theatres.You can free download Bhojpuri hd movie once it is released from its official website or official You Tube channel.

New bhojpuri Movie Baap Ji

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Hello everyone waiting for new movie of Khesari Lal Yadav,or of Kajal Raghwani or of Ritu Singh, you don’t have wait much longer here is the new Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji of Khesari Lal Yadav, Kajal Raghwani and Ritu Singh after long long time. Finally the these actors are coming out with new Bhojpjuri  movies, Bhojpuri video songs which will be in theatres soon. Baap ji full movie download, once it is available and watch.

So Khesari Lal Yadav the famous Bhojpuri actor is back with new movie After ‘Saiya Arab Gaile Na’. Name of this new Bhojpuri movie is “Baap ji” which is going to be released soon. The poster of this movie looks amazing as seen on Instagram. First look out of this movie was released by worldwide records Bhojpuri on Instagram through their official account.

In the poster we can see Khesari Lal Yadav along with the lead Bhojpuri actress Ritu Singh. In the poster of this upcoming Bhojpuri movie ‘Baap Ji’ both actors have unique look which we generally don't see on any other Bhojpuri movie poster, this both actors are standing in different pose which looks great and is different also.

Surely this is going to be the best movie and it will break all the records when it released in theaters and elsewhere. As we can see in this poster Khesari Lal Yadav has put beautiful specs. He is wearing beautiful flower design T Shirt with white colour jeans and beautiful shoes. Now the lead actress of this movie Ritu Singh she is in mini skirt and having a top in yellow colour, her hair style also looks good and is different from her previous movies, a beautiful smile on her face as we can see in this poster. This is the latest and upcoming Bhojpuri Movie of Ritu Singh.

Surely this both actors are going to entertain us through their acting skills with the help of their co stars. We would also see some new stunts and action scene performed by the actors and actresses. There would also be some beautiful dance steps which would be performed by Kajal Raghwani and other Bhojpuri actors and actresses. By seeing the poster we can say that this Bhojpuri movie looks promising.

There is rumor that there is many twist and turns with many love angles.Their previous movie which was released in 2019 Baaghi-Ek Yoddha was super hit. This movie was also released by Worldwide Records Bhojpuri.

Some Bhojpuri Movie of Khesari Lal and Ritu Singh are:

Baaghi-Ek Yoddha


Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna

 Some Information about the Production Company

If we talk about the production company then it is Govinda and Sagar films entertainment. The banner of this movie was released by Govinda and Sagar films entertainment. It is very good production company and has done a great job in the past years. They have produced many great Bhojpuri movies and Bhojpuri songs. Please correct me if I am wrong with this information through your comment.

In this poster we can see a man having a child on his shoulder and is in a beautiful pose with a beautiful smile on his face.

You will be shocked to know that this famous actress is also present in this movie but her photo is not there in the poster, the famous Bhojpuri actress is none other than Kajal Raghawani a beautiful lady who always surprises her fan through her acting skills and her killer smile. We always love to see Kajal Raghawani new movies and new songs entertaining us with her beautiful dance smile and acting skills. There is no reason why this actress is not present on the poster may be because she has less acting time or their maybe some other reason but we will surely love to see her presence in this movie.

Director : Dev Pandey

He is a very popular Bhojpuri movie Director. This is going to be the latest movie which would be directed by him.He has done great job in the past years. He always comes up with new ideas and tries to implement his idea rather say present his idea through his movies.Some of the Bhojpuri movies directed by him are Naagdev, Hum Hai Hindustani, Laawaris and many more.  

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji: Star cast

Khesari Lal Yadav

Ritu Singh

Manoj Tiger 

Prakash JS


Kajal raghawani

Ritu Pande

CP Bhatt;

Sambhavna Seth



Sanjay Verma

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Lyrics is written By

Pyarelal Yadav

Kavi Yadav

Raj Azad Singh

Kundan Preet.

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Cameraman

RR Singh Prince. 

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Music director

Om Jha

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : E.P.

Santosh Verma

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Music ON

Worldwide Records

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Producer

Ramjit Jaiswal (Govinda Raj)

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Official Trailer

update soon

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Release Date

Update Soon

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Costume Designer

Update soon

New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Mp3 Songs

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New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Action

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New Bhojpuri movie Baap Ji : Dialogues

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This upcoming Bhojpuri movie will surely be hit when it is released. This movie seems  promising; there will be new actions and stunts which would be performed by the lead actor Khesari Lal Yadav. All star cast of this movie are still not known. I wish them Good Luck!!!

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